Harry's Today - July 28th 2020


Good Tuesday, everyone ...

The Blue Line Gang vs the Red Line Gang: Disenthrall

Krankenschwester aus New York enthüllt:
"COVID-Patienten hätten nicht sterben müssen":
RT Deutsch

Silver, Gold & Crypto All Skyrocket!
The Dollar Vigilantes Are Going To End This Party!:
The Dollar Vigilante
Why Should They Get To Decide Our Future?: Please Stop The Ride
ALL Travel is a Risk. Stay in Your Box!:
Carl Vernon
Universe, Mars, Sunspots | S0 News Jul.28.2020: Suspicious0bservers
Communist Power Struggle to Take Down Xi Jinping: China Uncensored

RUBIKON: Im Gespräch: "Notwehr statt Notstand!"
(Wolfgang Wodarg und Jens Lehrich): Rubikon
• Jetzt kommen Zwangstests - und dann?:
Tagessau 006: 5 IDEEN
Aufstand der Juristen! Anwälte für Aufklärung
(Interview mit Gordon Pankalla und Dirk Sattelmaier):
Tatort: ARD-Krimiserie vor dem Aus?: eigentümlich frei

Dear Readers,

in the last weeks this little site has become quite popular. I really like that. What I like considerably less is that webnode is charging for traffic, and even though I was, with my readers kind help, able to buy the "premium" option, it seems they start nagging about that again.

Since I can neither control nor even verify traffic, I will move this site to a different place, where there is no limit on traffic. I already ordered a domain and server space, just waiting for it all to get locked in.

That was the easy part, because obviously I will have to build a website too. I am perfectly able to do that, technically, but I have no exemption from the "one day equals 24 hours"-rule, with already a lot on my plate. Thus I can not say how long it will take me to set it all up (depends ultimately on the degree of comfort I want, more comfort means more programming).

Meanwhile, if you feel like wanting to help me out recovering expenses and maybe buying some tools for the new site, feel free to send me all your money ... oh, wait, just a little bit will do ;).

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RUBIKON: Im Gespräch: "Notwehr statt Notstand!" (Wolfgang Wodarg und Jens Lehrich)


Jetzt kommen Zwangstests - und dann?


Jetzt kommen Zwangstests - und dann?: MMnewsTV

Tagessau 006


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